iOS 7 Message Sending Bug

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It has come to our attention that there are some serious bugs within Apples latest iOS7 operating system that affect HappyFingers.

The bugs relate to the message sending screen that is displayed when you attempt to send a text.

In some cases after you press send the message will not actually be sent by the operating system – even though the operating system indicates to HappyFingers that it has been sent.

In other cases this screen will also display slowly and / or crash when large numbers of contacts are sent to.

Due to this screen being provided by the Apple operating system as the only option for sending SMS messages through an application we are powerless to fix the issue and must wait for Apple to address the problem in a software update.

This is a known issue to Apple and we hope it is resolved soon.

We apologize for the inconvenience that this causes and will update the blog with any further information as it comes to hand.

The only current workaround is to turn your phone completely off and on again. In some cases this will allow messages to be sent again.

Why do I have to press Send on my iPhone?

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One of the most common pieces of feedback that we receive is “Why does HappyFingers need me to press Send on the iPhone?” and  ”Why doesn’t HappyFingers run in the background and send the SMS automatically?”. Originally this is exactly how we hoped HappyFingers would function. Unfortunately it simply cannot work this way and continue to be sold in the App Store.

iOS requires you to Press Send even when HappyFingers is used

iOS and App Store Constraints

Developing an app for the iPhone isn’t the same as developing for other platforms. There are many constraints and restrictions, some related to what is functionally possible and others that concern being able to have the application distributed in the App Store.

Although other platforms also have similar stores and rules, the API’s are generally less restrictive and the possibility exists for users to side-load applications that don’t adhere to store guidelines.

No iOS Application distributed in the App Store can send SMS using the built in sim card without first displaying the “Compose” screen

If you know of a way, or have found another app that does this please contact us!

But…other platforms can do it?!

Applications on the Android platform can request permission to send SMS when they are installed. This allows text messages to be sent without the user intervening. This combined with more generous multitasking support mean Android is a superior platform for sending SMS.

Image of Android Permissions

Airdroid and other Android apps can request permission to send SMS without user intervention

It’s also true that the Nokia PC Suite allows for this to happen.

The key to this is that it is not the App that enables this to happen, but whether the platform itself can support the function.

So why is iOS different?

We have to presume that it is for security reasons that applications cannot automatically send texts.

Imagine downloading a piece of malware that instead of stealing your information, or drained your battery, sent an SMS to every contact in your address book.

Although Apple would like to imagine that they can completely screen every application in the App Store for malware, the fact is with such a vast number of apps  going through review every day; and a lack of access to their source code some malware will get through. This has been highlighted with applications that farmed contact lists (reference) without any permission from the user. Recent iOS changes have tightened restrictions on contact access.

SMS trojan apps such as RuFraud have the potential to cause havoc for victims; and the security features on iOS reduces this risk.

Various security packages exist already for Android operating systems that include SMS filtering, and Android 4.2 (JellyBean) will scan applications for rogues SMS sending ability.

What about Jailbreaking?

Would this allow the SMS to be sent without intervention? Yes.

Are we going to release a version for jailbroken phones? No, not at this stage.

In an ideal world…

What we would like to be able to do is make a declaration to Apple about our usage of SMS and therefore be able to send automatically; with a user prompt similar to notifications. We would also require other rule changes to multitasking so that we could run in the background.

In the real world…

We currently cannot get around the restriction. The easiest way to use HappyFingers is to ensure you enable push notifications in the settings menu. This means that whenever you try to do something from your PC the phone is notified. If you don’t have a passcode, or have set a passcode delay (which we recommend if you use a passcode), then a simple swipe will unlock the phone, start HappyFingers and commence your desired action. In the case of the SMS you can send it with just two touches. In the case of dialing you can dial with one swipe.

HappyFingers notification

One swipe will display the "Compose Message" screen


This is easily the most common query and criticism about HappyFingers; and understandably so. Unfortunately factors beyond our control prevent us from being able to achieve the desired behavior and we have to work within various limitations to do the best we can. Our aim is provide enhancements when using your iPhone whilst sitting at your desktop. Pasting an address directly from a document on your PC into an SMS with HappyFingers, or typing a long message is still much easier – even if you have to press Send!

Version 3 Now Available

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HappyFingers version 3 is available now in the App Store for the iPhone and on our Download page.

This release incorporates Cellular Supportfor all users – Wifi is no longer required.
Copy and paste between your partners phone while they are at work! Add a contact for a business partner. Use the portable application on shared computers with no need for ITunes or Wi-Fi access – perfect for work.

No Wifi

There are also some changes to what is included in the Pro version
- Remove 20 contact limit
- Group messaging enabled
- Remove all nags screens
- Remove “composed with HappyFingers” tag on both SMS and email
- Remove restrictions on image transfers
- Remove restrictions on contact edits/add/delete

All users who have already purchased Pro will continue to have Pro in the new version
Make sure you update both the iPhone app and the Windows app.

Download HappyFingers for Windows

Cellular Support

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One of the most requested enhancements that we receive is to have HappyFingers work when there is no local WiFi connection available.

You may not have a home WiFi connection, your PC might connect through a usb dongle instead of a network or your work environment may not permit you to connect your phone to the WiFi. In other cases corporate environments commonly separate their phone WiFi from their computer networks.

All of the above configurations mean that currently HappyFingers won’t work.

No Wifi? No Problem

We have been working on cellular support for some time now and are in the final stages of testing. What this means is that in the coming weeks HappyFingers will work for many more people. It also opens up the possibility for using HappyFingers for other uses.

Additional Uses

One such example of a new use is the receptionist/personal assistance scenario:
They could type a message on somebody else’s behalf, add a new contact, or place an address in the clipboard of somebodies phone without needing full access to that phone.  The receptionist computer can pair with every phone in the office and easily switch between the paired phones.

With cellular support it doesn’t matter where that phone is; as long as it has some sort of data connection then HappyFingers will work. Due to HappyFingers utilizing Apple’s Push Notification service the battery life of the phones is not heavily impacted.


An important factor in allowing cellular connections is that speed is important. HappyFingers has been optimized so that in most cases our test subjects cannot tell the difference between cellular and wifi connections when dialing or sending SMS.

Want to help?
If you are interested in helping to test the latest version please send us a message or post on Facebook or use our Contact Form

80% Off Sale

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Update 2012-08-18: The special has now ended and we have returned the price to normal.
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To celebrate our latest release, we are happy to announce that HappyFingers pro has been reduced to USD 0.99 for a limited time. This is an 80% reduction from the normal price!

The pro upgrade includes:

Remove all ads
Remove SMS tag (“composed with HappyFingers”)
Unlimited contact edits / adds / deletes
Send group sms / email
Unlimited Image transfers

To purchase HappyFingers first download and install HappyFingers on your iPhone from the app store, then tap the “Pro Upgrade” Tab
HappyFingers App Store

Don’t forget to tell your friends!

Add, edit and delete iPhone contacts on your PC

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The latest version of HappyFingers includes new functionality allowing users to add, edit and delete iPhone contacts from their HappyFingers enabled PC.

Click the “+” icon to add a new contact or right click an existing contact to edit or delete

Add Contact with HappyFingers

Add a new Contact

All changes in HappyFingers are carried out on the iPhone meaning they should not get out of sync. All iPhone contact sources are supported for editing. This includes iCloud contacts and Exchange accounts that are synced to the iPhone.

Other features included in the update are:
- Contact Images are transferred and displayed.
- Names of contacts displayed when added to recipient list.

HappyFingers Download

HappyFingers V2.2.0 is now available!

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Our latest version has been released with some great new features:

- Filter the searchable number list to only show cell/mobile numbers
- Compose email on your PC and send it via your iPhone
- Send group messages and save group number lists to file for future use.
- Save message templates to file.
- Recall the last message or email and who you sent it to.
- Send group email messages.

Use HappyFingers for your usual communications as well:
- Lookup and dial fixed-phone using the PC modem
- Lookup emails and go straight to message compose using your default PC email client.

HappyFingers just gets better and better, and we have even more features to come!

New Version Coming Soon

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    Additional features:
  • Use your PC to send emails from your iPhone.
    Make personal emails at work without all the hassle of switching email systems.
    Use it at home to easily reply to business emails.

  • Fixed line modem dialling.
    Save time and money – lookup and dial using your fixed line phone from the HappyFingers desktop.

  • Recall last SMS text message.

  • Save number list files for group messaging.
    Save groups of contacts for drag and drop or quick access on your computer. Need to send a message to two different groups? Select both and open with HappyFingers, or drag them into a new message. Simple format allows you to export numbers from Excel or other systems.

  • Save message templates.

  • Send PC email directly from HappyFingers desktop.
    Save time using the easy HappyFingers desktop search to find and email contacts using your PC email client.

  • Filter the desktop search to show just mobile numbers.